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              About Us

              About Us

                    Zhe Jiang Zhu Ji Da Hua Spring Plant is a special production plant with over 30 years of production history, which owns 3,000 square meters floor area, 2,200 square metersworkshop building area, 2,500,000 Yuan, RMB capital asserts, and 150 employees including 17 specialized technical personnel, 9 engineers and 3 senior engineers. Zhe Jiang Zhu Ji Da Hua Spring Plant establishes delivering department, marketing department, treasure's office, production department, technical design department, quality control department, inspection department and muniment room. Zhe Jiang Zhu Ji Da Hua Spring Plant is in possession of heat treatment equipment, surface treatment equipment, production flow equipment and product testing and inspection equipment, which owns the whole set of perfect special managerial staff in order to meet the product quality requirements of the clients.
                  Zhe Jiang Zhu Ji Da Hua Spring Plant can offer all sorts of material quality (for example: common spring steel, high grade high strength spring alloy steel, stainlesssteel, tin-phoshpor bronze and vitreous bronze and etc) and all sorts of abnormity spring of compressed spring, extension spring, torsion spring, band spring, rectangle spring, turret spring, screw spring, diameter and pitch spring and etc (linear diameter: 0.2mm~45mm, thickness of plate: 0.2mm~20mm). We can design and study the new products according to the requirements of clients.
                  Zhe Jiang Zhu Ji Da Hua Spring Plant is located in the native place of Xi Shi-Zhu Ji city with century's history and civilized market, Zhe Jiang province with open policy and glorious economy. Zhe Jiang Zhu Ji Da Hua Spring Plant is founded in the tenth landscape-- Yu Chi with green hills and blue water, which links the cities of Hangzhou in the north, is adjacent the ancient city-Shaoxing in the east, is against Ningbo port in the south and connects Yiwu city, a world famous and the biggest market of smallware throughout the country in the west. Where Zhe Gan railway gets across and Jin Hang road runs across the pant. The traffic is all directions and the transportation is convenient and the environment is comfortable, which can meet the requirements of the clients.
                  With the tenet of " quality first, service utmost", we warmly welcome the respected gust to your presence and negotiation.


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